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You are enough!

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Psychotherapy for teen and adult women navigating anxiety and low self-esteem.


If you're a teenage girl or adult woman struggling with issues related to low self-esteem, insecurity, self-doubt, or anxiety, you're in the right place.  Our empowering psychotherapy services will help silence the inner critic telling you you're not good enough; reframe your unhealthy thinking patterns that have lead to self-doubt and negative self image; and help you gain confidence and develop the tools needed to improve your overall quality of life. Whether you're looking to improve your relationships, perform consistently better at work/school, or simply feel better about yourself, we're here to help! Book a session with us today and start on a path towards a happy, healthier you!

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Therapy for Teen  Girls

Low self-esteem in teen girls can stem from a variety of issues including bullying, social media/internet use, negative friendships, parental criticism, disruptive life events, sports/extracurricular activity performance, and academic troubles. If left untreated, it can lead to anxiety, depression, self-harm, and moodiness. Self-esteem issues in teens can look like self-criticism, poor boundaries with peers, perfectionism, fear of rejection, and engaging in self-destructive behaviors. 

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Therapy for Women

Low self-esteem can make you feel worthless and not good enough at anything you do. It can stop you from forming meaningful relationships, advancing in your career, making decisions, setting healthy boundaries, and doing things you like to do. Women with low self-esteem tend to have a negative and critical inner voice which can trigger feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt. 

Why this private therapy practice?

Self-esteem and anxiety expertise: We have years of experience and have received advanced training in anxiety and self-esteem issues. We are passionate about empowering teen girls and women to live their best lives. Our combination of expertise and passion ensures that you are in good hands!

Rapport building is top priority: The more comfortable and connected you are with your therapist, the more effective your therapy journey will be. We build rapport by being excellent listeners, validating your experiences, showing empathy, providing encouragement, having a sense of humor and taking a lighthearted approach to therapy! It takes courage to seek help so we strive to make your sessions something to look forward to.

Customized Experience: Everyone’s story is unique and no two people will require the same approach to therapy. Therefore, sessions are always tailored to your individual needs and goals. Together, we’ll identify your key areas of concern and create a plan of action designed to help you make positive changes and get back to living a fulfilling life! 

Meet The  Therapist

I'm JaMeshia Sykes, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Self-Esteem Coach! I am passionate about helping teen girls and adult women overcome issues related to low self-esteem, self-doubt, and low-confidence. Healthy self-esteem is the foundation of a fulfilling and satisfying life, and every person deserves to feel good about themselves, no matter what their past experiences may have been. With my expertise and support, you can finally learn to love and accept yourself, so you can thrive in all areas of life! It is never too late to improve your self-esteem. Let's get started on the journey towards a better you! 

Let’s Work Together

Kansas City, MO

Tel: 816-804-7414

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