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Holistic Mind-body Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Welcome to a space where you can heal and go from surviving to thriving!


Hello, I'm JaMeshia!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Somatic Practioner and Registered Yoga Teacher, I am passionate about mind+body mental health practices.

I specialize in somatic therapy, trauma/stress, anxiety, and depression. My sessions blend aspects of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with traditional psychotherapy. Together, we’ll create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, honest, and transparent. In this space we'll explore your core beliefs, improve your self-awareness, identify your self-sabotaging behaviors, and reframe your perspective. My work is all about helping you find the combination of things that work best for you to live a life authentically aligned with your values, standards, priorities, and goals!


Holistic Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Having studied several different modalities for mental health treatment, I believe optimal mental wellness is achieved when mind and body are included in the therapy process.

An emotional experience is made of two parts; (1) your thoughts/cognitions and (2) the bodily sensations that accompany your emotions. My sessions begin with a simple grounding activity because having a relaxed body increases your capacity to explore mental and emotional distress. Once the body is less tense, via traditional psychotherapy we'll get to the root of what's going on for you and explore ways to effectively make the changes necessary for you to thrive! 

You Deserve to Feel Better!

Therapy services to assist with...

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Anxiety is described as feelings of fear, panic, uneasiness, and dread- particularly about things that have not, and may not, happen. The mind is plagued by “what if” and worrisome thoughts which causes you to be hypervigilant and always on your toes. Anxiety can also present as physical symptoms such as muscle tension, stomach problems, shallow or quick breathing, strong/fast heartbeat, or excessive sweating.

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Depression is described as constant sadness and feeling like there is no pleasure or joy in life. Depression also looks like angry outbursts, irritability and frustration. You may feel hopeless like there is no way to improve your situation. Your mind is foggy and full of negative thoughts that make you to feel worthless.  Your body is tense and heavy, your headaches have increased, and your energy is so low that you have days when you’re unable to move. 

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Trauma is described as unwanted and recurring thoughts related to the traumatic experience. Avoiding certain people, places, or things out of fear of being triggered and overcome with intense emotions. You're unable to relax and on high alert at all times. You have trouble sleeping and concentrating. Your body is here in the present moment, but your mind is still back there. 





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