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Quality virtual therapy for adult individual experiencing symptoms related anxiety, depression, work/career stress, and maternal mental health. Sessions can include wholistic modalities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 

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Perinatal Mental Health

Trying to conceive, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting all bring dramatic changes to everyday life. For some, these changes are accompanied by intense emotions and scary thoughts which get in the way of daily functioning and bonding with baby.


Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) are a set of mental health issues that can occur before, during, and up to one year after childbirth. Someone with a PMAD might experience sadness, irritability, guilt, lack of interest in baby, upsetting and unwanted thoughts and fears often related to the health and safety of baby, rapid mood-swings, or flashbacks to traumatic birthing experience.  

I provide counseling to parents around mental health needs related to the transition to parenthood, such as:

  • Fertility/infertility

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Depression

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Anxiety

  • Pregnancy Loss

  • High-risk Pregnancy

  • Birth Complications/Trauma

  • Infant's NICU stay

  • Pregnancy Related Body Image & Self-Esteem Issues

Work and Career Related Stress

Working a job you find unfulfilling? Having issues with a coworker or leadership? Struggling to navigate a toxic work environment which includes bullying, harassment, racism, or discrimination? Work and career are a key part of life and for many, work related stress doesn't subside once the work day is over. When work is stressful and demanding it takes a toll on our personal life, physical health, and mental wellness. Work stress can manifest itself in your life in many ways including: 

  • Anxious behavior and fear of getting fired

  • Increase in anger and irritability

  • Decrease in work productivity or doing the bare minimum to get by

  • Desiring to take excessive time amounts of time off

  • Not being able to enjoy, engage, or trust your coworkers

  • Ruminating on work-related issues outside of work

  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, weight changes, or trouble sleeping

  • Feeling like a victim; feeling a lack of control/power over your work situation

Choosing to take care of your mental health is the most radical thing you can do to combat work and career related stress. Therapy can help you achieve and maintain a healthier state of mind; a healthy state of mind is vital for personal development and career advancement. In therapy, we'll work towards your ideal work-life balance. Together, we'll unpack your emotions and find the most effective solutions to help you better manage your stress and navigate (or leave) your toxic work environment. 


Individual Therapy

I work with "strong" individuals who present as if everything is fine but inside, they're feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed. Life is complicated. Being "strong" when things are falling apart is exhausting and can prevent you from seeking/receiving help during challenging times. Your pain is real. Your feelings matter. You are not stuck in this rut. You can feel better and I'd like to help!

Therapy is for anyone seeking an accomplice on their personal journey towards growth and healing. Consider individual therapy if you are experiencing mental and emotional challenges related to anxiety, depression, or high levels of stress.


Changes, challenges, and conflicts are inevitable parts of the life experience. Therapy can help you cope with hard times. Don't hesitate to contact me if you're ready to feel better, improve your confidence, and learn healthier ways to manage your thoughts, emotions, and self-sabotaging behaviors.


A spirit, mind, & body approach to wellness

Your mind and body are connected. Poor mental health negatively impacts your physical health; your physical health impacts your mental health. Emotional distress can cause muscle tension, headaches, hypertension, fatigue, and digestive issues. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs it is important to nourish your spirit when striving for optimal health and wellness.

Therefore, my therapeutic approach to wellness merges mind, body, and spirit with traditional talk therapy. Therapy is typically mental and involves talking about thoughts, feelings, and meaningful experiences. I take it a step further by incorporating the body into session. When requested, your session can include aspects of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises.