Guided Meditation

wellness for your spirit


Sound and vibration heal the body, mind, and spirit using tones, frequencies, and vibrations. Sound is a powerful force that can inspire a wide range of emotional responses.

Sound vibrations travel via air and water. Our bodies resonate with sound and vibration because up to 70% of the human body is made of water. 

Chakras vibrate at their own frequency. An unhealthy body is out-of-tune and the frequencies are disrupted. Sound changes the frequency of water (i.e.- your body). Sound and vibration travel quickly thru the energy chakras and help the body tune its frequency.

Sound Bath Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation to help you heal and turn off the mind. This is a deep meditation experience that clears stagnant energy, unblocks chakras, stimulates the immune system, reduces stress, calms emotions, and relieves muscle tension.

Vibrations continue to pulse long after the sound has stopped. Clients have reported leaving session feeling recharged and unblocked as they notice an increase in energy flowing within their body.