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Wellness for your spirit

Energy Healing

Energy healing is thousands of years old. Chakra’s are energy centers that reside in each of us. When the flow of energy is blocked it affects our body, emotional state, and our mind. Energy blockages can stem from many issues including emotional stress, internal negative thoughts/beliefs, trauma, or persistent negative experiences. Energy healing enhances our senses while improving our physical and emotional well-being.

In these sessions we explore blocked chakras and the origin of the blocks. Understanding which chakra(s) is blocked allows us to integrate mind, body, and energy for holistic healing.


Chakra healing is multidimensional. I address imbalanced chakras:

  • Verbally through therapeutic discussion and emotion exploration.

  • Physically through yoga, EFT tapping, and acupressure.

  • Spiritually through guided meditation, reciting mantras/affirmations