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Work and Career Stress

Work and career stress include being overwork and underpaid; experiencing racism, harassment, or discrimination at work; being ignored or overly criticized; having conflict with coworkers or leadership; poor work-life balance; and more! The stress we feel from work interferes with our personal life and physical health. To cope, we may say to ourselves "that's just the way it is" or that we "just have to push thru". These false statements minimize our experience, and prevent us from healing and problem solving.


 Let me make it very clear, work stress is harmful. Existing in an environment which you perceive to be hostile is mentally and physically exhausting. Your body responds to said environment as chronic stress, and if you are not proactively taking care of yourself your job could potentially cost you your mental health and wellness. Working in an aggressive environment may cause headaches, depression, anger/rage, panic attacks, self-doubt, lack of productivity, and anxiety.

Working Together on Project

In therapy, you'll build confidence and learn how to effectively manage your work-stress. We will discuss, validate, and process what you are experiencing. Together, we'll develop solutions to help you climb the professional ladder while protecting your mental health. 

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