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Specializing in Mental Health Therapy for Anxiety, Worry, and Stress.

Anxiety may be impacting your life if...

Your mind is plagued by "what if'" thoughts and fears about everyday situations. Worry and stress disturb your sleep. You tend to fixate on the worst-case scenario. A sense of impending danger, failure, or doom seems to follow you. Even in good times you're just "waiting for the other shoe to drop". You have difficulty concentrating or thinking about anything other than your worries. Lately, you more "on edge" and irritable. There are situations that you avoid completely due to discomfort and fear. Any of this sound familiar? If yes, you are likely struggling with anxiety.


Along with worry and stress, anxiety can also present as physical symptoms such as muscle aches and tension, stomach problems, shallow breathing, tiredness, excessive sweating, and a noticeably fast/strong heartbeat.

Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. Anxiety is one of the most common mental illness in the United States. If your anxiety, stress, or worry becomes persistent and overwhelming, or starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, it is time to seek professional help. 

Anxiety therapy for...

Athletes & Performers

I provide mental health therapy for athletes and performers struggling with performance anxiety. 

Signs of sports and performance anxiety include nervousness and worry before game/performance; fears about being judged by peers, coach, or spectators; perfectionism or being overly focused on mistakes; self-doubt and negative self-talk; difficulty focusing during game/performance. 

Therapy can help you overcome an injury, improve your focus and motivation, increase your confidence, visualize success, and create overall healthier thought patterns.


Many professional athletes and performers have suggested that up to 90% of sporting and performance is mental. If the mental part of the game is so important, it only makes sense to dedicate time to training your mind!


Executives, & High-Achievers

Anxiety isn't uncommon in the workplace, and when present it can have a major impact on the growth of your career. Professionals, executives,  and high-achievers struggling with anxiety may have difficulty handling work-related conflicts, making decisions, setting and meeting deadlines, managing staff, participating in meetings, and making presentations.

Common unhealthy coping skills for professionals, executives, and high-achievers experiencing anxiety is to "push thru",  work harder, avoid situations that may trigger their anxiety, or abuse substances. Likewise, the stress and anxiety from work may follow you home and have negative impacts on your personal life and relationships. You may be less engaged/social, more irritable with your loved ones, or sleep poorly due to ruminating thoughts.

Learning to better manage your anxiety will improve your performance and help you reach new professional heights! 

New & Expecting Parents

Anxiety can prevent you from enjoying pregnancy or bonding with your newborn baby. It is normal to feel some anxiety during your pregnancy and postpartum period. Anxiety during pregnancy can look like feeling afraid to give birth, worrying that your baby is unhealthy although test results say otherwise, having a constant feeling of dread like something bad is about to happen, experiencing a racing heart, feeling restless/on edge, and having worrisome thoughts about your ability to be a good parent.

Likewise, new parents may find the joy of new parenthood replaced by constant worries such as: Is the baby feeding enough? Did I strap her in the carseat correctly? Is there something medically wrong with him? What if she passes away from SIDS? What if my partner dies and I become a single parent?


 For some, the stress, worry, and anxiety which accompanies pregnancy and new parenthood can become a real problem that requires professional help.

Therapy for pregnancy and postpartum anxiety has many benefits. When you're less focused on anxiety, you have more energy to focus on taking better care of yourself. You may have more energy to eat healthy meals, move your body, and get better sleep. And in a relaxed state with manageable anxiety, you may also find it easier to bond with your baby. 


Who am I...

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher. I believe optimal wellness is achieved when mind, body, and spirit are consistently nourished. When requested, my sessions blend yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with traditional psychotherapy.  As an Anxiety and Stress Specialist, I help those who are anxious relax their mind and body by teaching them effective and holistic stress management skills. In current times we are all overloaded by the demands of raising children, stressful effects of technology and social networking, managing our careers, multitasking, dealing with family, trying to maintain a social life, and attempting to find time for self-caring activities. You are in need of a therapist that can help you manage your mental health, set boundaries, find your balance, and create your life worth living. I'm that therapist!

My work is personal and purposeful. I'll create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, honest, and get uncomfortable (which is required for growth). In this space we'll explore your core beliefs, improve your self-awareness, identify your self-sabotaging behaviors, refine your perspective, replace the negative thoughts/beliefs holding you back, learn effective strategies to manage stress, improve your confidence, learn how to overcome your fears and work on healing from your past. I want to help you experience joy and live a life authentically aligned with your values, standards, priorities, and dreams!

-JaMeshia Sykes, MA, LPC

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