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New & Expecting Parents

For some, the stress, worry, and anxiety which accompanies pregnancy and new parenthood can prevent you from enjoying pregnancy or bonding with your newborn baby.

Give your baby the best version of you!

Anxiety during pregnancy can look like feeling afraid to give birth, worrying that your baby is unhealthy although test results say otherwise, having a constant feeling of dread like something bad is about to happen, experiencing a racing heart, feeling restless/on edge, and having worrisome thoughts about your ability to be a good parent.

Likewise, new parents may find the joy of new parenthood replaced by constant worries such as: Is the baby feeding enough? Did I strap her in the carseat correctly? Is there something medically wrong with him? What if she passes away from SIDS? What if my partner dies and I become a single parent?

Therapy for pregnancy and postpartum anxiety has many benefits. When you're less focused on anxiety, you have more energy to focus on taking better care of yourself. You may have more energy to eat healthy meals, move your body, and get better sleep. And in a relaxed state with manageable anxiety, you show up as your best self and find it easier to bond with your baby. 

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