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Mind + Body Wellness Services

Your mental health impacts your physical health; and likewise, your physical health impacts your mental health. We believe optimal wellness is achieved when mind, body, and spirit are included in the healing process.


Our Mind+Body Wellness service offerings include yoga, meditation, imagery, and breathing techniques.

Online Yoga Sessions

We offer virtual yoga sessions which focus on emotion release, body relaxation, and distress tolerance. We may find ourselves so uncomfortable with the physical sensations that accompany emotions, that we expend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid triggering the emotion altogether. Yoga can teach you how to tolerate discomfort so you can stop avoiding and start living! Yoga sequences and movements are always created individually for each client, and you do not need prior yoga experience to book this service. 

*Mind+Body Wellness services require a consultation to book. Click here to request a consultation.

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Online Guided Meditation

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Online Meditation

Walk and Talk Therapy

Take your session outdoors. 

Women Walking
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