Individual Therapy

Consider mental health the thread that holds your life together. When your mental health is in poor shape, your entire life starts to unravel. You may have trouble sleeping, feel physically unwell, have trouble in your relationships, perform poorly at work/school, etc.


Therapy helps you process your emotions, manage your stress, change unhealthy behaviors that are holding you back, explore how your thinking affects how you feel, heal from the past, build healthy relationships, and set boundaries.


I provide therapy to those experiencing mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, and stress. I also provide therapy to women experiencing mental health issues related to pregnancy and postpartum depression/anxiety.

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Maternal Mental Health

Trying to conceive, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting all bring dramatic changes to everyday life. For some, these changes are accompanied by intense emotions and scary thoughts which get in the way of daily functioning and bonding with baby.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) are a set of mental health issues that can occur before, during, and up to one year after childbirth. Someone with a PMAD might experience sadness, irritability, guilt, lack of interest in baby, upsetting and unwanted thoughts and fears often related to the health and safety of baby, rapid mood-swings, or flashbacks to traumatic birthing experience.  

I provide counseling to parents around mental health needs related to the transition to parenthood.