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Image by Adeolu Eletu

Professionals, Executives, and High-Achievers

Stress and anxiety in the workplace isn't uncommon, and when present it can have a major impact on the trajectory of your career. 

Elevate your career.

Professionals, executives, and high-achievers struggling with anxiety may have difficulty handling work-related conflicts, making decisions, setting and meeting deadlines, managing staff, participating in meetings, and making presentations.

Common unhealthy coping skills for professionals, executives, and high-achievers experiencing anxiety is to "push thru",  work harder, avoid situations that may trigger anxiety, or abuse substances. Likewise, the stress and anxiety from work may follow you home and have negative impacts on your personal life and relationships. You may be less engaged/social, more irritable with your loved ones, or sleep poorly due to ruminating thoughts.

Learning to better manage your anxiety will improve your performance, help you reach new professional heights, and enhance your home life.

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