Wellness for your body



Our body holds on to our life experiences. Poorly managed emotions get stuck in the body causing muscle tension and overall discomfort. Yoga helps release blockages caused overtime by things such as trauma, abuse, and emotion suppressing. Yoga helps relax the body and calm the mind.


In Yoga Therapy we explore mind, body, and spirit in a private setting tailored specifically for you! The focus is less on exercise and more on relaxation, self-improvement, and help with or relief from some symptom or health condition that is troubling you.


Little to no prior yoga experience? No problem! Your session will be adjusted to meet your fitness level (i.e- chair yoga, beginner level, no mat yoga tools). Yoga is for anyone!

After completing the assessment we'll establish goals, develop a practice intervention, and then work towards that intervention. Sessions include wellness assessment, guided meditation, intention setting, and aromatherapy (if desired).