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Holistic Mind-body Psychotherapy for those seeking lasting relief from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Holistic Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Optimal mental wellness is achieved when mind and body are included in the therapy process. Our holistic approach to psychotherapy will help you develop awareness and control of your emotions, your mind, and your physical body.


An emotional experience is made of two parts; your thoughts/cognitions and the bodily sensations that accompany your emotions. Having a relaxed body increases your capacity to explore mental and emotional distress. Through breath-work, mindfulness, and movement we'll teach you how to calm your physical body; via traditional psychotherapy techniques we'll teach you how to calm your mind and better manage your emotions. ​

Therapy to Address...


About Me

I'm JaMeshia Sykes. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher, I am passionate about mind+body mental health practices.

When requested, my sessions blend aspects of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with traditional psychotherapy. Together, we’ll create a safe space for you to be vulnerable, honest, and transparent. In this space we'll explore your core beliefs, improve your self-awareness, identify your self-sabotaging behaviors, reframe your perspective, and replace the negative thoughts/beliefs holding you back. I want to help you experience joy and live a life authentically aligned with your values, standards, priorities, and goals!






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