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I provide mental health therapy for athletes, working professionals, and anyone wanting to better manage their mental health as means to improving their  performance and overall well-being. When requested, my sessions integrate yoga, breathing exercises, guided imagery, and meditation with traditional "talk therapy".  My areas of focus include stress, anxiety, depression, racial trauma, career stress, physical health issues, relationship difficulties, personal growth, self-esteem, and life changes. Lets work together! 


Yoga Therapy sessions are available to individual's wanting to explore mind and body in a private setting. Yoga releases  physical and emotional blockages caused by things such as trauma, abuse, and emotion suppressing. Yoga therapy involves setting specific goals and interventions; the session is completely tailored to meet your needs.  The focus is less on exercise and more on relaxation, self-exploration, and help with or relief from some symptom or health condition that is troubling you. Little or no prior yoga experience? No problem! Your session will be adjusted to meet your fitness level. 


I also offer Energy Healing sessions to realign, cleanse, and balance the energy flowing through your chakras. When energy flows freely  we feel balanced, we experience optimal functioning, we feel confident, and we have the ability to properly manage our physical health, emotions, and behaviors. When the flow of energy is blocked it affects our physical body, emotional state, and our mind.  Energy can be healed many ways and the process is unique to each individual. Techniques I use include therapeutic discussion, yoga, EFT tapping, acupressure, crystal use, meditation,  and mantras/affirmations.


  • Manage stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief.
  • Improve their relationship with self.
  • Explore and remove mental and emotional blocks.
  • Identify faulty core beliefs and replace with a new mindset, new belief, and new pattern of thinking.
  • Learn effective techniques and tools to replace unhealthy coping skills.
  • Release the past and look optimistically towards the future.
  • Find and maintain inner peace.

I PROVIDE THERAPY FOR working professionals

Between your job, your relationships, and all of your responsibilities, life can feel overwhelming. I provide a safe and confidential space for you to work through professional and personal issues. Stress from work can negatively impact your personal life. Likewise, stress from your personal life can negatively impact work performance.  In therapy you will identify your stressors and learn effective stress management skills such as emotion regulation, time management, assertive communication, boundary setting, and relaxation techniques.

I PROVIDE THERAPY FOR THOSE Seeking mind-body wellness

The mind and body are connected and emotional imbalance can cause physical ailments and disease. Nourishing your spirit helps heal your mind and body. Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga teach you to nourish your spirit which impacts how you manage emotions. I provide therapy services to open-minded individuals wanting to work thru stress, anxiety, and depression in an environment that supports and respects their spirituality.



Invest in your well-being! A healthy lifestyle requires an investment in yourself, your health, and your well-being. When mental and emotional health is off-balance it negatively impacts your personal life, professional life, relationships, and physical health.  I offer tools for you to use on your journey towards true inner peace, confidence, and the courage to live authentically.


Tuesday 10am-8pm

Thursday 10am-8pm

Sunday 9am-5pm


  • First Session, Mental Health Assessment (90 minutes) $125

  • Ongoing Therapy (50 minutes) $100

  • Energy Healing (50 minutes) $85

  • Yoga Therapy (50 minutes) $60