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Psychotherapy and Mental Performance Coaching for Sport, Business, and Life!

Winning the Mental Game

Mental skills and performance coaching is necessary for success in sport, business, and life. Individuals tend to focus on physically preparing their body, and often neglect training their mind. Truth is, you're not reaching your full potential if you haven't mastered the inner game of performance. The inner game of performance consists of nervousness, poor concentration, negative self-talk, low confidence, self-sabotaging habits, and performance impacting mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Prioritizing mental health and mental fitness is required for success on-and-off the field

I provide Psychotherapy and Mental Performance Coaching to athletes, performers, business professionals, and anyone looking to improve their mental performance, confidence, focus, happiness, and overall mindset.

Psychotherapy and Coaching


Ignoring mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse or disordered eating can negatively impact performance. As a Licensed Psychotherapist, I am trained to help individuals struggling with emotional and psychological distress. Together we will work to identify and overcome the emotional barriers preventing you from performing at your best. *You do not need to be an athlete to work with me.

Mental Performance Coaching

Some would argue that performance is more about mental skills than physical abilities. With that in mind, Mental Performance Coaching focuses on enhancing and elevating your performance. Individuals work on building confidence, improving focus, coping with setbacks/losses/injuries, establishing effective pre-and-post competition routines, and achieving performance goals. Athletes and professionals learn the mental skills necessary to silence their negative thoughts and to overcome mental blocks.

Both Psychotherapy and Coaching.

Psychotherapy focuses on feeling better and Mental Performance Coaching is about doing better. With both, you'll receive quality and effective services from someone who is experienced and trained. As part of your journey you will be encouraged to gain insight by examining your mindset, core beliefs, and assumptions. At the end of our time together, you will have acquired the skills needed to achieve your wellness and performance goals. 


Hello, I'm JaMeshia Sykes!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Performance Coach, I recognize the necessity of tending to your mental health while striving towards success in sport, business, and life. I specialize in helping athletes, business professionals, and individuals improve their mental health and mindset, which then improves how they perform in the workplace, in sport, and at home. My goal is to help you achieve professional and personal success, in whatever way you desire. I provide a confidential and safe space for you learn mental skills, and to honestly process your thoughts, feelings, fears, and limiting beliefs. I look forward to working with you!

-JaMeshia Sykes, MA, LPC

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