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A Holistic Psychotherapy and Wellness Hub For Those With Anxiety and Job-Related Stress


Anxiety Therapy

If you're here it's because you've had enough of anxiety and stress controlling your life! You have a burning desire to restore your sense of peace and joy. You want to learn how to manage your worrisome thoughts and how to relax your body. You want to be less irritable when engaging with your loved ones, improve your focus, sleep better, and enhance your self-confidence. Simply stated, you're looking to improve your quality of life by understanding and better managing your anxiety. 


Good news: Your anxiety is lying to you. You can change! You can worry less! And you are not "crazy" for having anxiety. Therapy can help you get un-stuck and move confidently towards your truest desires (despite your anxieties and fears).

Job-Related Stress

Job dissatisfaction and work-related mental health issues are a growing concern. We spend 50% of our waking hours at work; mental health is significantly influenced by career! Being in the wrong job can lead to burn-out, depression, anxiety, fatigue, absenteeism, productivity problems, and other stress-related physical and emotional illnesses. Our method of psychotherapy and career counseling provides insight into your strengths, values, skills, and interests. We use this date to pinpoint occupations that would provide high job satisfaction. Our goal is to help you achieve professional and personal success!


Some examples of work-related issues we help with include: 

Toxic workplace environment. We process your emotions and discuss how the environment is impacting your mental health. We'll teach you how to navigate the workplace with healthy coping skills, boundaries, assertive communication, and confidence!

Career uncertanity. Unsure what's next, or best, for your career? Thinking about transitioning from one field to the next? Our blend of psychotherapy and career counseling will help you make a successful career decision based on your values, interests, goals, mental health needs, and strengths.

Emotional obstacles hindering career growth. Our psychotherapy and career coaching sessions bring emotional relief. As humans, we bring past experiences and limiting beliefs into the work space. Therapy can help reframe beliefs and heal from the past experiences which are holding you back at work. 

Help for anxiety and the stuff hiding behind it.

Sometimes anxiety is the symptom of another issue such as: 

  • Life Transitions

  • Suppressed Emotions

  • Traumatic Experiences

  • Low Self-Esteem/Body Image

  • Career/Professional Issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Physical Health Concerns

  • Depression

  • Relationship Issues

  • Parenthood



I'm JaMeshia Sykes, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher and Anxiety Specialist.

In short, I help transform lives! My clinical passion is helping those plagued by anxiety, stress, and worry live a life unhindered. I offer counseling to help balance life's demands, resolve faulty core beliefs, and navigate difficult emotions. I also target other issues that can cause anxiety such as life transitions, pregnancy, self-confidence, trauma, relationship issues, parenting, and health concerns.

Holistic Therapy and Wellness

Here, we do therapy different.  We provide holistic psychotherapy and take a Mind + Body approach to wellness. Our style of therapy is unique and effective. Wellness services include private yoga and guided meditation/breathwork sessions. Services are always tailored to fit your specific background, wants, needs, and goals. 


We fully embrace technology and meetings are held virtually on a HIPPA compliant platform. Via your online portal you can self-schedule, pay your balance, and print any therapy worksheets that were reviewed during your session. 


 Online therapy for anxiety is convenient, just as effective as in-person sessions, and also private and secure.

  • Attend from the comfort of your own home.

  • Schedule sessions around your busy schedule.

  • Fully commit to your goals. Virtual clients are less likely to miss a session due to the convenience of being able to attend from anywhere!

You can live a more satisfying life.

What is anxiety?

It is normal to experience some anxiety; anxiety is a natural emotion. It is the brain's way of reacting to stress. The function of healthy anxiety is to keep you safe by making you aware of potential dangers and threats. However, excessive anxiety can make it difficult to get through the day and enjoy your life. 

How can therapy help with anxiety?

Therapy can help you learn relaxation strategies and effective skills to better manage your anxiety. In therapy you will develop mindful awareness of your triggers and anxiety provoking thoughts. You will explore and replace the faulty core beliefs attached to your anxious thoughts and behaviors.


 Some byproducts of disruptive anxiety include lack of assertiveness, poor boundaries, low self-esteem, perfectionism, internal anger or resentment, relational issues, and poor performance at work... all of which can also be addressed in therapy!

How do I know I need professional help with my anxiety?

When your anxiety interferes with your daily living and quality of life it is time to seek professional help. Signs and symptoms of problematic anxiety include trouble sleeping; poor concentration due to ruminating thoughts; irritability; avoiding certain people, places, or things due to fear and anxiety; and experiencing intense physical symptoms such as fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, rapid breathing, upset stomach, or trembling.

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