I'm JaMeshia Sykes. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). My unique approach to mental wellness blends traditional psychotherapy with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

My areas of focus are stress, depression, and anxiety. I help tense individuals relax their mind and ease their body by teaching them holistic and effective stress management skills. I also specialize in counseling women around mental health needs related to the transition to motherhood (infertility, conception, pregnancy, birth trauma, and postpartum mood disorders). 

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My Story

In terms of formal education, I have a Masters in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University with a 
concentration in the treatment of trauma, abuse and deprivation. I have also received training in Perinatal Anxiety and Mood Disorders (PMADs) from Postpartum Support International. My wholistic approach to wellness originated from my own experience with yoga. I initially started my yoga practice as a form of stress relief and self-care. After realizing how yoga positively impacted my mental health I decided to obtain my yoga teacher certification and blend it with psychotherapy. In 2018 I completed my yoga teacher training. That same year I started my therapy practice, Thriving Intent, and began offering psychotherapy infused with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. 

On a personal note, I am a mother to 3 beautiful children. After two full-term pregnancies, my third child was unexpectedly born premature. I spent weeks in the NICU with my baby and experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during that time. This lived experience, and my own experience with the highs-and-lows of motherhood, fuels my passion for maternal mental health. 

I enjoy working with people who believe their life can be better, and they are willing to work towards that better life. My ideal clients are people who are ready to thrive! They are ready to shed toxic traits, gain a new perspective, overcome self-doubt, improve their self-talk, learn healthy ways to cope with uncomfortable emotions, develop a consistent self-care routine, and more! 


I am accepting new clients and available for speaking engagements.