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Athletes & Performers

Up to 90% of sporting and performance is mental!

Psychotherapy + Mental Performance Coaching

Consider having me as your Mental Performance Coach if you experience:

  • Nervousness before competition

  • Freezing-up, slow/timid reactions, or difficulty focusing during practice and games

  • Inconsistent performance

  • Negative and doubtful self-talk

  • Perfectionism and fear of failure

  • Difficulty bouncing back after injury or poor performance

  • Low motivation

  • Trouble sticking to routines and habits

  • Difficulty setting and achieving your goals

Consider having me as your Mental Health Therapist if you have emotional or psychological issues impeding your performance such as:

  • Performance and social anxiety

  • Unhealthy eating habits or possible disordered eating

  • Body image issues or body dysmorphia

  • Low mood and debilitating depression

  • Substance abuse

  • Performance challenges related to any emotional or psychological pain (i.e- trauma, abuse, relationship problems, etc.)

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