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Individual Therapy

Consider therapy if one, or more, of the following apply to you.


You feel stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated. You have ideas that you cannot seem to manifest no matter how hard you try. You feel irritable, angry, and disconnected. You're having trouble sleeping, and even with a full nights rest you still feel tired the next day. You constantly worry and can't control your thoughts. Your inner dialogue is unhealthy and you'd be embarrassed if others heard the way you speak to yourself. You feel the need to always be in control. You lack confidence. You self-medicate with sex, substances, food, or excessive spending. You feel as though your life lacks purpose and direction. You deny your emotions and act as though everything is okay. You are having trouble in your relationships. You have poor boundaries. Your intuition is weak because you are not in tune with yourself. You lack a consistent self-care routine. You are unsure how to manage your energy and nourish your spiritual body. You know what in your life needs changing, but you lack the self-discipline needed to turn your awareness in purposeful action. You are not living authentically because you are overly concerned with other's feelings and opinions.

Respectfully, you are unhappy.

I want to help you become the best you! By working with me you can expect to gain a new perspective, process your emotions, shed self-sabotaging behaviors and learn the skills necessary for your personal growth and healing. 

Image by Emily Underworld
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